This is Soundmatter New Zealand. Soundmatter is a sound design house based in Wellington, operated by Matthew Lambourn.

I have ever loved the musicality to be found in everyday sounds of the world. The varied pitches of a handful of pebbles thrown into a stream - the complex reverberation of a distant crack of thunder about adjacent hills - the dynamic and intensity shifts of wind throughout a stormy night - a 747 roaring overhead -  this is world music in its purest form. Being able to hone interest into artform at university set me on a lifelong aspiration to share it with others, primarily through sound design for film. I find the medium a perfect marriage of technical and creative ability, as well as a way to continue discovering.

I have a great love for independent film and NZ cinema.

Please view my filmography and CV of work history and skills. More studio information is on the studio page.

Quotes can be tailored meet the demands of every project; those with subjective and particular visions to those that require a more collaborative and advocated approach to those which require much experimenting, tweaking and refinement. I place equal value in large and small scale projects. Please feel free to email or contact me.

Show reels (password: mattshow):
creature vocals and fight design (from 10000 Years Later)
stormy ambience (from 30 Days of Night)
natural vehicle (from Two Little Boys)