Why 'Soundmatter'?
While the noun 'sound' commonly signifies music and noise, the verb suggests clarity, dependability and solidity: "sound advice", "safe and sound", "sound reasoning". 'Matter' is substance, that which is real and tangible; while 'a matter' is something meaningful and important. I believe quite literally that sound matters; and in turn aim to provide sound material.

Soundmatter is a New Zealand based sound design concern. Soundtracks for film, theatre, video, web, games, sonic arts, music and advice are my fora.

Studio Equipment
Mac-based Pro Tools 5.1 surround workstation; substantial ever-growing sound effects and ambience library with a focus on original, non-commercial and rare material; Sound Devices recording kit, Olympus recording kit, with several Oktava and Sennheiser mics; Reason, Ableton Live, Reaktor + various ensembles, various instruments and plentiful high-end plugins.

I firmly believe that your studio can only ever be an extension of one's own skill and experience. The best gear in the world will never "make art"; it can't make you "more creative". A fife without a blower is a straw, and a useless one at that. My dear old departed grandfather uttered some rather cryptic wisdom to me when I was very young - the older I get, the more I understand what he meant:

"A poor workman blames his tools; a craftsman becomes them."

Please see my CV/resumé page.